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Currently We Are Growing

With an impressive 232 well established retail station endorsements at the primary stage, we aim to broaden our impact and reach more than 1000 retail sources in the coming years. Our major focus is on sustainable growth as an organization as well as adapting to the changing needs of today’s fast-paced world.

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Our strategy​


“Don’t go for small commitments on big things, but aim for big commitments on small things.”

At Allied Petroleum, our strategy for success is heavily anchored around quality and efficiency. We have set clear priorities, concentrating our focus on building a quality portfolio and actively managing high value downstream operations to secure our irreplaceable position in Pakistan’s oil industry.

As a modern organization, one of our major aims is to adapt to the changing needs of today’s world and create a positive impact on our society. Considering the need for a low-carbon energy system, our products and facilities are designed with a special focus on reducing harmful emissions into the environment and delivering cleaner, sustainable energy. Afterall, safety and social responsibility are an integral part of our business approach. 

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We have partnered with some of Pakistan’s leading brands to revamp the oil and gas industry
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